NCA Student Clubs

About NCA Student Clubs

Created in 1995, the National Communication Association Student Clubs are an aggregation of student Communication clubs chartered on various college and university campuses that have elected to affiliate with NCA and have made a commitment to enriching the lives of undergraduate Communication majors and non-majors. NCA Student Clubs promote the study, teaching, and application of the principles of Communication through educational and social functions that are relevant to the membership of the club.

The NCA Executive Committee decided to discontinue NCA support of NCASC beyond facilitating the initial charter of new clubs. This decision was made due to the consistently low number of active chapters, inability to maintain a faculty advisory board, lack of submissions to NCASC sessions at the annual convention, and the absence of representation at annual NCASC business meetings. We hope this change will be a positive one as each club becomes fully autonomous.

NCA will continue to charter new NCASC chapters, and all current clubs will retain their standing as part of NCASC. However, clubs will no longer be required to submit the $25 annual renewal fee to remain active. Further, NCASC will no longer have convention programming slots, a faculty advisory board, annual business meetings, etc. As most clubs are not active at the NCA annual convention, the only immediate change is that there is no longer an annual renewal fee.